Nasturtium Multi-Stone Statement Earrings

Image of Nasturtium Multi-Stone Statement Earrings Image of Nasturtium Multi-Stone Statement Earrings

Nasturtium flowers are created to be anatomically accurate, but what is the flower without the beautiful leaves? Together, this pair of earrings includes six textured and veined leaves and two flowers, all fully hand-fabricated. This pair of earrings includes eight of the best quality stones I was able to source and goes hand-in-hand with the fairy tale Art Nouveau necklace.

Each earring has four stones. One has rose quartz, paraiba apatite, prehnite and bi-colored tourmaline, the other has aquamarine, bi-colored tourmaline, citrine and peridot. Together, they create just a hint of asymmetry, while also being balanced.

Art Nouveau representations of nasturtium focus on the flow of the stems. Each element has been thought through to give the design a feeling of flow. The collection has few pieces for good reason, each piece in the collection took over a day to create, some even took over a week's worth of working hours. But it is the time and care taken that makes each and every piece unique and beautiful.

These earrings are just under 4" in length and are a medium weight. In fact, they could be considered medium/light, if you are used to wearing statement earrings.

Note: If you are rough on your jewelry, you will want to treat this with gentle care. While sturdy, elements should never been twisted, torqued, bent, or pulled/yanked.

All of my work, unless otherwise specified brass or copper (will also be visibly obvious), is 0.925 sterling silver.

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