Payment Plans

Payment plans are a semi-informal arrangement, usually between me (Olia) and you. More often than not, these arrangements are between patrons who have shopped with me before, though I am open to the possibility of arranging a payment plan if you've not shopped with me but have a piece you love.

Payment plans can only be made for one piece at a time. 

Payment plans are available for pieces over $250.

Payment plans cannot be made on a piece until it has been available in the shop at least one week. 

Payments must be equal amounts. 

Payment plans include a payment schedule agreed upon by both of us. 

How it works:

1) Decide on piece.

2) Decide how many payments (please keep this reasonable) you wish to make and how much those payments will be. Including the dates you will make payments will help. I can add those to the listing or invoice so we both remember.

3) Contact me via email [email protected] and communitcate 1 & 2 above. 

4) If needed, we will go back and forth and suss out needed details. 

5) I will send a PayPal invoice. To keep a piece reserved for the payment plan, the first payment needs to be made right away. So please be ready to make a first payment before reaching out. 

6) Once a payment is made, the piece is essentially yours. The item will ship once all payments have been made. 

The Fine Print:

Sometimes a payment cannot be made. Ideally, this does not leave me waiting an entire month, but I understand life happens. As long as it isn't an ongoing issue, this shouldn't be an problem.

If you change your mind about a piece, a 20% "lost sale" fee will be applied to the total cost of the piece that was reserved for you and the remainder of the payments made (including shipping) will be given to you in a shop code, which you can use toward another purchase. 

***Under no circumstances do I issue a refund, if you've changed your mind. It's hard to be a small business, a sole proprietor- the only person making, photographing, listing, packing, shipping, etc. etc. etc. Refunding money costs me money (to process, not to mention the fees from the original payment) and time, which I do not have in abundance. So I appreciate your understanding this prior to agreeing to a payment plan.