Shipping and Returns


  • Shipping times vary based on the item(s) ordered. 
  • Items that are already completed and require no modification/creating typically ship within 2-5 business days, with PayPal payment pending not included (payment by checking account takes approximately one week to be approved).
  • If the piece needs to be custom made, the item description should have a time listed for turn around. If it does not, the average time for making a custom item or major modification is 2 weeks before shipment. If you need a piece shipped before 2 weeks, please contact me via email before purchasing. 
  • Small modifications, such as ring size of a finished piece should take no more than a week to complete, which generally coincides with the disbursement of funds through PayPal. 
  • The average time for direct deposit is 3-5 business days. My policy is to ship after funds have been disbursed to ensure that there are no issues with payment. 
  • While shipping charges for USPS domestic shipping for items over $100 include insurance costs, I cannot be responsible for parcels lost in transit. Once scanned in and in transit, there is little I can do. USPS makes insurance claims difficult and time-consuming. They require a 30-day waiting period and often do not result in the insurance claim being paid out. Should I receive a response to a submitted insurance claim and a refund, I will in turn refund the original cost of the item, sans shipping costs (not part of insurance). This means you will have lost the cost of shipping and I will have lost the fees the payment companies charge for purchases. 
  • If you would prefer to use a service other than USPS for shipping or would prefer not to pay for insurance and assume the loss should it occur in-transit, please reach out to me prior to purchase through email ( Increasing the price to make up to additional charges for a different shipping service can be done after checkout, but removing insurance cannot be done, as a refund would be small or nil due to already charged fees for all monies that pass through payment services (PayPal, Stripe, etc). 
  • INTERNATIONAL PATRONS: Ore & Stone does not cover ANY customs, taxes, or other fees that are incurred as a result of a purchase. No exceptions. 
***Shipping prices reflect shipment to a single location. If you are shipping to multiple locations, please let me know so that I can alter shipping costs on the items or please order pieces separately, according to the respective addresses

Alternatively, shipping will be postponed and I will reach out via email with a link for additional shipping charges before shipping. Shipping time begins after charges have been paid.   

                                                                 Return Policies

  • Returns are not accepted. However, if you have a problem with an item you ordered, please reach out and let me know what the issue is so I can work with you to resolve it. 
  • I want you to love anything you purchase from me and I make every attempt to photograph pieces from all angles so you know precisely what you're purchasing. Descriptions generally include sizes, description of weight (if relevant), etc. I stand behind my work and want to ensure you are satisfied. If something happens to your piece during its lifetime, please contact me so it can be returned and fixed. Some items may not be repairable, but reach out so we can talk about solutions!
  • Issues from buyer not reading the item description, but needing modification, are sent back to be fixed or modified at the buyer's expense.
  • Issues resulting from failure of the shop to describe the piece accurately or the piece being defective at the time of arrival should be brought to the shop's attention within a week of delivery. Please inspect your pieces when they arrive to ensure nothing has happened to them during shipping. Failure to describe the piece accurately will be shipped back for modification at the shop's expense.

Cancelation of Order

  • Cancelations are not accepted for any reason once items are in the mail. Please check your PayPal receipt on the app or website to see if there is a tracking number. If there is one, it is too late. 
  • Paypal charges a fee each time you place a payment. That fee stands, even if you cancel before I ship. For that reason, the charges incurred via PayPal will be deducted from the money refunded to you.
  • I ask that you consider carefully before purchasing, ask questions you have before purchasing, so that cancelation is not necessary. This makes it easier for all involved.